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A random assortment of all things wonderful. Hi! i'm Lydia, and i'm 21 & from Liverpool, England. I like pictures of cats doing funny things, beards, vintage teacups, rockabilly styles and pin up girls. I'm also a big supporter of the body positivity movement. I'm a photography student and also work in Cath Kidston! My blog is mostly filled with things I find amusing and men I find beautiful. Enjoy!


shuts your mouth with my mouth because damn youre gorgeous

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i love this video

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Anonymous asked: Depends?! That doesn't sound too confident! Okay but just let me rid my entire blog of the smut...


Leave the smut. I like smut. 

Anonymous asked: Would you mind if I just bought you pizza and porn and stuff? Maybe not so much the porn...


Depends. Reveal yo’self and we’ll talk. 

Anonymous asked: How does one earn the butt!?


Sacrifice a goat, cover yourself in the blood, count to infinity and the butt will be yours. 

Or you can just be nice to me and buy me pizza n stuff. 

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